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What Style of Cold Weather Headwear Is Right for My Outdoor Occupation?

Going out to work in cold temperatures without head protection isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Your ears, eyes and nose are all vulnerable to the cold—and they’re some of the first places that frostbite will attack. At RefrigiWear, we serve hard-working people in all kinds of different industries, from agriculture to landscaping to construction and beyond. That means that no one piece of insulated headwear will be right for everybody’s needs, so we’ve made sure that our selection offers the biggest variety of headwear options around. 

Knit Caps

Knit caps, sometimes called beanies or toboggans, are a classic for head warmth. They’re good for solid and dependable cold protection in almost any industry, from farming to logistics to forestry.

RefrigiWear offers knit caps in all of your favorite winter-proof materials like acrylic, wool and fleece. Our ChillBreaker® Plus Cap is the latest and greatest, with a fully acrylic knit to keep your head at the perfect temperature. Need to make sure you’re visible on the job? Our HiVis Cap is as bright as it is warm! 

Neck Gaiters

A neck gaiter is designed to protect your nose, ears and neck while keeping snow and wind from sneaking in through the collar of your jacket. They’re best for folks who work in windy, snowy or rainy conditions. That includes some agriculture workers—such as Christmas tree farmers—as well as park rangers or similar workers who spend a lot of their days in the backcountry.

The Flex-Wear Gaiter is an ultra-flexible polyester and Spandex blend that teams up perfectly with a hat or hood. It’s easy to throw on when things get seriously frigid, and its super-light design means that it’s easy to store in your pocket or backpack without taking up much room. 


When it’s time for some major-league protection for your face, head and neck, the balaclava is king—accept no substitutes. These pull-over face protection masks provide warm and flexible protection for your entire face, with a cutout for your eyes. A good balaclava gives you just the right mix of breathability, insulation and durability, and it’s the perfect head wear for industries like cold storage where maximum protection is necessary.

RefrigiWear has made the balaclava more versatile than ever with our 3-in-1 Polarforce™ Balaclava, a Polartec® fleece balaclava that can be adjusted in seconds into an open-face mask or a neck gaiter. And, for the coldest of cold temperatures, our Extreme Dual-Layer Clava is built to perform with two full layers of Polartec® fleece. 

Snap-On Hoods

A snap-on hood is the perfect addition to some of our warmest items. These hoods use simple snap systems to quickly and easily add a hood to a jacket with a matching snap attachment. Snap on hoods are great when your job requires you to work both inside and outside or for backcountry jobs where your workwear needs as many protective options as possible..

Our Iron-Tuff® Snap-On Hood is the gold standard for removable hoods, with a design that attaches quickly and easily to items like the Iron-Tuff® Coveralls. We also offer our Iron-Tuff® Fleece-Lined Hood for extra-cozy protection. Best of all, all of our Iron-Tuff® jackets and coveralls are made with universal snap systems, so you can buy one hood and use it with any Iron-Tuff® product. 

Hard Hats

A hard hat doesn’t give you much protection against the cold, but they’re required for many job sites in industries like construction, freight handling and heavy manufacturing. So how can you get the warmth you need without sacrificing the impact protection of a hard hat?

RefrigiWear offers hard hats with an industry-standard ratchet suspension that can make it easy to fit your favorite headwear underneath. But our catalog now also has headwear specially designed for wearing under a hard hat, including our Hard Hat Balaclava and our slim-line Fleece Cap. We’re all about making it easy for our customers to stay safe and warm, and one of our favorite ways is through innovations that allow all of your protective gear to work together. 

Whatever you do for a living, RefrigiWear is here to make your life easier—and a lot warmer. Check out our full selection of insulated headwear for more great deals on just about any kind of headwear you could want.