Built for women, built for work. Whether you're handling the home front or working on a jobsite, the cold doesn't mean you get a day off. Poorly fitting clothes don't protect and they distract from the job at hand. Skip the frustration and get protection and fit designed just for you. With jackets, bibs, vests and shoes all designed specifically for women - plus a range of unisex gear to complete your protection - the RefrigiWear Women's Collection has you covered. 11 hour shifts in subzero temps, days spent in double digit negative temps, wind chills below -30 - none of that can scare you off. With RefrigiWear, you can handle it all and then some. The size, fit, design and shape are all made specifically for women. You don't need your winter work wear holding you back. With RefrigiWear's Women's Collection, you have the protection you need. Anything they can do, you can do warmer.