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When you have a whole team to keep protected, the right partner is crucial. RefrigiWear has been helping keep employees warm for over 65 years, so we’ve got your back and know how to help businesses of all sizes. Our gear is tougher and warmer than the conditions you face, so we can help you tackle any job and stay safe.  

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RefrigiWear + Travis Construction

Working outdoors in places like Colorado means you spend many days in weather that keeps others indoors.

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“Warm Start” Kits Reduced Accidents and Lowered Costs

How RefrigiWear Helped a Food Distributor Protect Their New Employees 

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Quality Won't Be Compromised

RefrigiWear’s Multi-Step Process Ensures Tough, Durable Products That Will Last 

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RefrigiWear helps you get the job done

Myron Breakstone started RefrigiWear in 1954 with a vision to create a “modern way to keep warm”...

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