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PolarForce by RefrigiWear

The Technology Behind Our High Performance Innovation Collection

At RefrigiWear, our history is a serious point of pride, thanks to our 65-year tradition of making incredible insulated clothes. But history and tradition are powered by innovation—so we always make sure that we’re focusing on the new as much as the old.

That’s why we’re happy to show off our Innovation Collection. We’ve rolled out this collection of new insulated workwear because we love to stay on the cutting edge—and because our customers expect it from us! From gloves to headwear to jackets, and, from light spring jackets to heavy-duty coveralls, we’ve got every kind of cold weather gear that our customers need.

What’s New About the Innovation Collection?

The Innovation Collection represents years of work from our engineers and designers to create the most advanced cold-weather gear you can find. By experimenting with the latest high-tech fabrics and setting their imaginations loose on a wide range of designs, our teams have come up with an exciting range of cool new gear that pushes the technological envelope. We set our sights on a number of very important goals:

  • Creating workwear that’s lighter but also warmer, and that lets you move more easily while you’re wearing it.
  • Designing gear that matches up with what workers are actually doing on the job today, rather than just working off of our old assumptions.
  • Addressing our customers’ complete warmth needs, including important accessories like boots and headwear.
  • Offering great options in both men’s and women’s clothing.
  • As always, creating the best in comfort and safety for our customers.

The Extreme Collection

Some of our proudest developments in the Innovation Collection are in our Extreme Collection as well. It’s one of our flagship collections for a reason—these amazing jackets, coveralls, and more represent the best of the best. How good are they? Think about this: when was the last time you saw a jacket rated for comfort and warmth all the way down to 60 degrees below zero? That’s right. The Extreme Softshell Jacket, and others from the Extreme Collection, are equipped to protect you even in the most insanely cold conditions. If you need serious performance in serious cold, the Extreme Collection might be just what you’re looking for.

Extreme SoftShell by RefrigiWear
  • The Extreme Softshell Jacket is a powerhouse piece of workwear. It’s packed with over 600g of high-tech insulation, but it’s designed to still feel light and breathable despite its heavy-duty protection. The outeshell stretches to give you great mobility, and the double front zipper system pairs up with a waist draft seal to give you protection from even the most aggressive wind. It’s also designed for high-visibility protection with HiVis accents on the zippers and trim.
  • For better mobility, try the Extreme Softshell High Bib Overalls. These rough and ready coveralls are made to the same specs as the Extreme Softshell Jacket, but with better upper body flexibility and reinforcement patches to protect important areas, like the knees and heels. They’re perfect for making a mix-and-match warmth combo with your favorite jacket, sweatshirt, moisture-wicking underlayer, or just about anything else.
  • If you need to go a little lighter but keep your standards high, check out our great all weather options like the Extreme Sweater Jacket and the Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt. Both models give you the best of both worlds: flexible designs plus serious insulation for next-generation comfort. The Extreme Sweater Jacket is an ultra-soft water-repellant microfleece with five zipper pockets, while the Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt gives you three layers of high-tech comfort and Performance-Flex for extra mobility. Either one is a great option for when you need a no-compromise blend of warmth and movement.

The PolarForce™ Collection

Our PolarForce™ Collection is another example of how RefrigiWear builds for the world’s toughest working conditions by developing the toughest technology to match. With Performance-Flex to help you stay mobile and the most advanced insulation blends around, PolarForce™ gives you the tools to get the job done. With the unstoppable tech of these feature-loaded jackets and coveralls, you’ll never get caught unprepared.

Polarforce Bibs and Jacket
  • The PolarForce™ Extreme Cold Weather Jacket is the big daddy of the PolarForce™ Collection , with protection down to 40 degrees below zero. It’s got all of the features you need and more, including innovations like Grip Assist dots on the sleeves to help you carry heavy loads more securely. And if you need the PolarForce™ total protection plus maximum room for your upper body, check out the PolarForce™ Bib Overalls with Performance Flex.
  • If you need a great all-weather option, the PolarForce™ Hybrid Fleece Jacket has you covered—literally. The fleece in this jacket is super dense and much tougher than standard, meaning you can wear it on tough jobs without worrying about it getting frayed after just a few days.  And with its water-repellent, wind-tight construction, the Hybrid Fleece is here to step up when others can’t. For another great all-weather option with the features of a serious work jacket, make sure to also look at our PolarForce™ Sweatshirt with Performance Flex.

RefrigiWear for Women

The rate of women doing jobs like trucking and plumbing is higher today than it’s been in 25 years, so there’s no excuse for any company to ignore tough and rugged workwear in women’s sizes. If you’re a woman on the job, you can count on RefrigiWear to give you the cutting-edge insulation to keep you kicking butt.

Women's Insulated Softshell Jacket
  • The Women’s Insulated Softshell Jacket is an advanced work jacket with classic old-school quality and protection. 400g of insulation in a weatherproof outer shell keeps out water, wind, cold, and all the other forces of nature you’re battling. Plus, reflective piping makes sure you stay seen on the job. On top of its top-shelf features, its stylish design means that even in the worst weather, you’ll always look good.
  • For heavy-duty protection down to 20 below, plus the comfort and flexibility to keep you working at your highest level, the Women’s Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls are where it’s at. Their polyester outer shell is soft and breathable, but it packs 400g insulation to keep you toasty. Additionally, back and rib gussets give you a fit that sits better.
  • The Women’s Pure-Soft Jacket is one of the most comfortable pieces we’ve ever made, with a crazy soft and lightweight nylon outer shell and polyester taffeta lining. But just because it’s soft doesn’t mean it’s not working hard. With 240g insulation and draft sealing features like set-in cuffs and a below-waist design, this is one jacket that won’t let you down.
  • With an athletic fit and a smart-looking cut, the Women’s Extreme Sweater Jacket is a killer all-weather piece that’s good for a morning run, a day spent hauling hay or wherever else you need comfort and protection. The bonded polyester-cotton blend creates a water-repellent and wind-tight outer shell that cuts right through the cold, and the ultra-soft microfleece lining gives you unmatched warmth and comfort.

Footwear Innovations

A lot of our customers are on their feet for hours at a time, sometimes for more than the usual eight-hour day. That means the footwear we make has to stack up in terms of long-term comfort—so it’s only right that we start improving footwear pushing work footwear forward with our Innovation Collection work boots. 

Extreme Pull on boots
  • The amazing technology of our Extreme Collection comes to your feet with the Extreme Pac Boot. Our pac boots come with slip-in liners that offer maximum warmth for your feet. The innovative Boa™ Fit System lets you loosen or tighten your laces with the simple twist of a dial and holds that tightness until your ready to take them off—no untying and tying shoelaces throughout the day for a better fit. Plus, like most of our boots, the Extreme Pac Boots also feature the VitaComfort™ system that gives you extra support and manages moisture at the same time. 
  • For a killer sub-zero work boot that helps you power through the day, try the PolarForce™ Hiker Boots. 800g of Thinsulate™ synthetic insulation protects your feet from numbness and frostbite, and the Vibram™ outsole with IceTrek helps you keep a firm grip on almost any surface. Don’t forget to pick up a few pairs of breathable and ultra-comfy PolarForce™ Socks while you’re at it.
  • If you work in deep-freeze conditions like industrial freezers, we’ve designed the Extreme Freezer Boot and Extreme Freezer Pull-On Boot just for you. Over 1200g of Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation for warmth, waterproof and featuring a puncture-resistant plate in the sole for safety, these boots protect you in all kinds of conditions, all the way down to the vicious cold of 45 degrees below zero. 

Headwear Innovations

If you’re not keeping your head warm at work, you’re letting a lot of heat go to waste, so make sure you’re prepared. Whether it’s a simple beanie or a full-face insulated balaclava, RefrigiWear has the goods in insulated headwear.

Headwear Innovations
  • The Flex-Wear line gives you an amazing balance of thin weight and real warmth, thanks to its polyester-Spandex blend and brushed inner liner. This line includes everything from a Unisex Skull Cap to an Open Hole Mask for total face and neck protection.
  • You can’t beat the Fat Cap when you want classic comfort and heavy-duty construction for long-lasting wear. The extra-thick knit provides comfort you can wear all day. 
  • When you need to gear up for the coldest weather, trust the Innovation Collection balaclavas. Our Extreme Dual-Layer Clava, PolarForce™ Balaclava and Performance Balaclava are crafted from durable and breathable fabrics to keep you super warm when it’s super cold. Because they’re breathable, you won’t get too much sweat collecting underneath that will just make you colder. 

Glove Innovations

Having a job where you work with your hands also means it’s important to keep your hands well protected. Your hands are one of the first places the cold will attack, potentially leading to frostnip and frostbite. That’s why we made sure not to ignore gloves in our Innovation Collection—in fact, we’ve got new options that change the face of work gloves completely. 

glove Innovation
  • Our gloves from the Extreme line have features like nothing you’ve ever seen! The Extreme Freezer Glove and Extreme Mitt are designed with palm pads for strong grip, and to reduce cold transfer when you touch cold items, impact protection on back of hand and fingers, and an ergonomic fit that mimics your hands’ natural shape. Plus, the Extreme Freezer Glove is available with our new Touch-Rite Nib, a screw-on nib that makes it easy to operate touchscreens on the job.
  • When you need maximum flexibility for high dexterity work, our Insulated High Dexterity Gloves are your best friends. They’ve got a reinforced thumb crotch for long lasting durability and extra grip to make it easier to handle items. The are also available with our Key-Rite Nib for easy keypad use.
  • For a great grip and impact protection at the right price, you’ll love the ArcticFit® Max Gloves. They’ve got a powerful silicone grip pattern on the palms to keep your hold strong, plus silicone bumpers for knuckle and wrist impact protection and a flex-pointed, pinch-tipped finger design for extra dexterity and less bulk. 

RefrigiWear has always been proud to give our customers great products with forward-thinking designs. Ever since we stunned the world some 60 years ago with the sub-zero performance of our Iron-Tuff Collection, we’ve been going strong on the kind of exclusive innovations you won’t find anywhere else. Now we’re bringing forward a new line of workwear with a new level of warmth and performance—and we want you to experience the comfort for yourself. Through the Innovation Collection, we’re prepared to put our stamp on the next generation of quality workwear, just like we’ve done on the previous ones.