How To Stay Warm on the Job Site

Best Cold Weather Gear for Construction Workers

Time is money. On the construction site, that means no fooling around waiting for better weather. You have to work through it all. But you can’t focus on framing walls when you’re freezing your butt off. Here are the top 10 must haves for cold weather protection for construction workers. 

Jackets That Do It All

PolarForce® Sweatshirt – This sweatshirt knows how to kick butt when it counts. It’s got Performance-Flex and Grip Assist which work together to take on the toughest jobs in the cold. Three layers of comfort act as a warm barrier against howling winds and freaking cold temps. Warm on the inside, a total badass on the outside – just like you.

54 Gold Jacket – It takes serious guts to work in subzero conditions. Our 54 Gold Jacket is no ordinary jacket – it’s got what it takes to keep up with you when the conditions go south. With a combination of lightweight, no-bulk AirBlaze® insulation and our heat-powered WarmPlus graphene lining, you’ve got protection from the coldest temps. Add in Performance-Flex for extra get-it-done flex on the job and you have some serious back-up to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way. 

Lower Half Protection

Frostline® BiB Overalls – When your day calls for kneeling, bending and climbing, you need a pair of bibs that can stand up to it all without weighing you down. You need the warmth and freedom to move that you get with our Frostline BiB Overalls. These bad boys have abrasion-resistant patches on the knees to fight wear and tear from rough jobs. They also have Performance-Flex so you can move easily. 

PolarForce® Pants – The cold doesn’t stop you in these pants. Built to keep you warm in subzero conditions, they’re water-repellent and wind-tight to give you tons of comfort even if the job sucks. More flexible than traditional bibs, these pants feature Performance-Flex and a curved knee design for better movement on the go. As tough as the jobs you face, you’ll find abrasion-resistant knee and heel patches for extra durability. 

Give Cold the Finger

Waterproof High Dexterity Glove - Warmth is more than just insulation; it's also staying dry and flexible to promote circulation. These gloves are waterproof, so snow, rain or condensation won’t mean the day’s done. The neoprene and spandex back ensures a snug, warm fit that won’t hold you back from a good grip.

Insulated Impact Pro Glove – For the worst jobs, opt for these guys. They’re warm and tough, with impact protection on fingers, knuckles and back so when Mike gets carried away with the hammer, you’re protected from more than the cold. Bonus – these gloves also provide extra gripping power in the cold with silicon dots on the palm. 

Fight Brain Freeze

PolarForce® Insulated Reflective Cap - Keep your head in the game with the right kind of heat-sealing gear to protect your head, face and ears. Protect your noggin from biting temps with this cap – the only cap that features Thinsulate® insulation for added warmth without the bulk. 

Extreme Hooded Balaclava - For the most extreme conditions, opt for extreme protection with this balaclava. The 3-in-1 balaclava transforms into a face mask, gaiter or balaclava so you can pick your protection. 

Kick Cold to the Curb

PolarForce® Hiker - Cold, clammy feet can wear ya down faster than you can say “freaking freezing”. Say goodbye to frozen toes and get protection against the cold and against injury with this waterproof hiker-style boot featuring ultra-slip-resistant soles for maximum protection. 

Iron-Tuff® Hiker - Kick out even colder temps with these warm work boots. It’s a heavy-duty work boot that’s tougher than a $2 steak but as comfortable as your favorite recliner on a Sunday afternoon watching football. The first work boot to feature our new VitaComfort® Bounce Midsole for better impact protection and a rubber toe guard to keep you safe on the job.