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Insulated Power :

Locking In the Heat and Keeping Out the Cold

A warehouse kept at -4°F designed to keep the most sensitive stuff cold. A road work site in sub-freezing temperatures. An ice-cold construction job site. They’re all places that can freeze your butt off—but they’re all places where the work’s gotta get done.

Where would we be without insulated clothing? A lot colder, a lot less comfortable and a lot less productive. That’s why RefrigiWear was founded: To create the warmest, toughest cold-weather gear that’s also comfortable and easy to work in. And, considering we’ve been doing it for over 65 years, we’ve got the experience that makes us the industry leader.

We’ve been out there in the cold with you, looking for the best ways to create high-tech warmth since we started in 1954, so we know this stuff inside and out. If you’ve ever wondered how RefrigiWear technology manages to keep you toasty in the toughest, coldest environments, sit back and let us share some of our expertise.

The Low-Down on Insulation

Insulation technology works on a simple principle: Keep the warm air in and the cold air out and keep heat from being transferred. The best way to do that—and the one humans have been using for thousands of years—is to create a barrier between your body and the elements. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they strapped on animal hides; they were using basically the same principles of insulation that we use today.

Of course, wrapping yourself in a seal hide isn’t going to give you the flexibility and on-the-job performance that a cool solution from RefrigiWear will. (We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s more stylish.) And, what’s more, we’ve actually discovered that the best protection comes when you wear your gear in layers. Each layer has its own performance features that will help you give 110 percent every day—even when the temperature is doing its best to stop you!

The Basics of Layering for Warmth and Protection

There are tons of different ways to mix and match layers to keep yourself warm, but if you’re layering up for active work in a cold environment, there’s a three-level standard that gives you the most options for how to do it. This strategy combines moisture control, warmth-trapping and weatherproofing. Each layer has a different job to do to keep you comfortable and working at your peak performance.

  • Thermal Layer: This is the closest layer to your skin and it’s responsible for controlling moisture by wicking it away from the skin. This keeps you dry and helps you keep your body heat. Also called the base layer.
  • Insulation Layer: If you think of layering like a sandwich, this is the meat. The insulation layer is most responsible for trapping the heat and keeping it in, preventing it from transferring to the cold air outside. Also called the mid layer
  • Protective Layer: The protective layer is the toughest, most rugged outer layer. It’s your shield against the elements like rain, snow, wind or whatever else your environment can throw at you. Also called the outer layer.

No matter which layer you need, RefrigiWear’s got you covered. Our products are designed to be combined, mixed and matched to get just the right level of warmth and comfort. We’ve got the perfect insulation for every job and environment, from flexible base layer shirts to the toughest insulated parkas—plus gloves, hats and more.

Layer 1: Keeping You Dry

Letting moisture build up on your skin is one of the fastest ways to lose your precious body heat. That’s why a moisture-wicking thermal layer is so important for anyone who’s working in a cold environment for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Your thermal layer is the one that will usually be sitting directly on top of your skin, so you’ll want a fabric that’s light, stretchy and breathable. RefrigiWear offers tons of great underlayer options to keep you dry, comfortable and working hard.

RefrigiWear Flex-Wear Bottom is a classic long john design with all of the newest and coolest features. It’s an ultra-thin and lightweight combination of polyester and spandex that you’ll forget is even there when it’s under your clothes—until you remember how warm you are!

It comes complete with an anti-microbial and anti-static finish to prevent odors and static shocks. RefrigiWear’s thermal base layers are the perfect choice for long-haul warmth and moisture control, enhanced with an ultra-comfy lightweight design.

Layer 2: Trapping the Heat

You can think of this layer as the core of your warmth. It’s your “heat trap” layer that keeps your body’s warmth separated from the cold that’s trying to steal it. Like we explained, that’s super-important when you’re trying to maintain your warmth—so make sure you choose an insulation layer that’s up to the job.

There are lots of different options at this layer, depending on how active you are and how much warmth you need. Our RefrigiWear Diamond Quilt Jacket is a popular choice that’s warm and good looking. It’s got a 380g of synthetic insulation and a diamond-quilted polyester outer shell that makes this jacket just as good for wearing out with your friends and family as it is for powering through a tough day on the job. Or, try our Thermal Lined Hoodie with two layers of protection, kangaroo pockets and a drawstring hood to block out the cold wherever it’s trying to get in.

For the best of all worlds, check out the PolarForce™ Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex. This awesome sweatshirt has three layers of protection: A 310g fleece blend outer shell, 120g of high-performance polyester insulation and a 180g jersey lining. That adds up to a whole lot of cold-busting comfort—but what’s really special about the PolarForce™ line is that it’s designed to give you maximum flexibility at the same time.

Performance-Flex patches on the elbows make it easy to bend, reach, stretch, lift and make all the moves you need for maximum performance at work. To make a long story short, you’ve got the stretchy, lightweight performance of a sweatshirt with the serious insulation you’d get from a heavier jacket. That’s a combo you can feel good about.

Layer 3: Keeping You Protected

Since it’s your first line of defense against the elements, you want a protective layer that’s made of something extra-durable and often waterproof. Materials like polyurethane and polyester are perfect, thanks to their microfibers that make a powerful barrier against all the moisture that nature can hit you with.

If you don’t work outside, you might want a lighter protective layer, since weather probably isn’t as big of a concern and you’ll get a little extra mobility by going with a lighter style. If, on the other hand, you’re in outside occupations like landscaping or construction, or you’re a fan of outdoor sports like hunting, true heavy-duty weather protection is a must-have.

If your weather is the worst of the worst, go for the best of the best—the long-term sub-zero protection of our RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Jacket. This jacket is the ultimate fusion of lightweight design and weather protection and it’s rated to keep you comfortable at a ludicrously cold -60ºF.

You want to know how our jackets can possibly protect you at those extreme temperatures, right? We start with a breathable polyurethane membrane for extreme moisture protection at every level. Then, we add over 600g of high-powered synthetic insulation to keep your body’s warmth safe against the coldest air and the harshest winds. Last, but not least, we top it off with a flexible polyester microfiber shell for a water-resistant weather barrier that can shrug off nature’s worst. An adjustable waist seal keeps out any drafts that might try to tiptoe in underneath the jacket.

The Extreme Softshell Jacket also comes equipped with all the handy features you could ask for productivity and style. It’s got pencil pockets built into the sleeves to keep your writing tools safe, adjustable Velcro cuffs, built-in hand warmer pockets and a dual zipper system in the front that’s easy to adjust to hit your perfect level of warmth. Depending on the conditions you’re facing, your mid layer and outer layer might be the same thing. Insulated jackets trap heat, so you might only need the base layer plus the outer layer, without the mid layer trapping extra heat. But if the temps are really low, you probably want all 3.

RefrigiWear Footwear

Your feet are putting in a lot of the hardest work when you’re on the job, so don’t forget to give them the same high-grade protection you give the rest of your body. We’ve got all kinds of work-ready footwear, from lightweight hiking-style boots to heavy-duty pac boots with slip-in liners.

If you’re looking for something lighter that’s just as good on your favorite trail as it is at work, try our RefrigiWear Iron Hiker Boot. This boot gives you the features of a work boot, with an ASTM safety toe and 200g of Thinsulate® insulation. But it’s got the styling and comfort of a great hiking boot, with our VitaComfort™ system that’s created for maximum comfort and support.

On the other end of the scale, if you need crazy-tough foot protection that’s truly not playing around, check out the RefrigiWear Extreme Pac Boot. We partnered with Boa® to create boots that are not only super warm and extra tough, but that have a fit that won’t loosen and is easily adjustable.

RefrigiWear Hats and Headwear

If your head isn’t protected when you’re working at low temperatures, you’re making a mistake that can be just as costly as working construction without a hard hat. That’s why RefrigiWear offers awesome headwear options to protect your ears, the top of your head and even your nose and face.

If you need simple all-weather warmth for your head, you’ll love our classic insulated beanies like the ChillBreaker® Plus Cap, with its all-acrylic build and woven-in reflective safety yarn. Or, go all-in with our RefrigiWear Extreme Dual-Layer Clava, with full face and neck protection made from dual-layer Polartec® fleece. Don’t leave the most sensitive parts of your body out in the cold—invest in durable head warmth protection from RefrigiWear.

Handy Warmth: RefrigiWear Gloves

You always give your tools the best protection you can find and there’s no tool more valuable than your hands. That’s why RefrigiWear has tons of great options for insulated gloves to keep your mitts toasty-warm. Our Insulated High Dexterity Gloves give you pro-level insulation and waterproofing without sacrificing flexibility and our Extreme Freezer Gloves offer maximum insulating power, plus impact protection pads and a pre-curved fit so your hands don’t get tired.

And, if your job involves working with touch screens, say goodbye to having to take your gloves on and off to enter data—our Touch-Rite Nib Gloves come with a built-in nib system for using touchscreens with your gloves on. Keep your hands warm, keep ‘em safe and keep ‘em comfortable with a little help from RefrigiWear.

RefrigiWear has the hardest-working protection for the hardest-working folks around. Just ask the customers in our testimonials, from a photographer working in Antarctica to a pro snowmobiler to everyday professionals who need the best protection available. Wherever you go and whatever kind of cold you have to take on, RefrigiWear will be there to help you win the battle.