Woman ice fishing in Iron-Tuff gear

What’s the Toughest Gear in the Heritage Collection?

Back to Our Roots: The Best of Heritage

Day in, day out, you give it your all, so you expect your gear to work just as hard. Our Heritage Collection was made for you – the hardest working folks around, doing it all in the worst conditions. Proven in some of the coldest conditions, from the Alaska Pipeline to every step of getting food to America's tables, RefrigiWear has been right there with you for over 65 year. With roots that go way back, you know this gear means business. Check out our top performers in our Heritage Collection. 

Man wearing HiVis Iron-Tuff gear working construction

Iron-Tuff Gear

It doesn’t get much tougher than this gear, so we even built it into the name. Constructed with a ripstop outershell that’s tough as nails when staring straight into a rough day’s work. It fights against rips, tears and snags from the likes of gnarly wood pallets, rogue tools and sharp edges. Legendary performance thanks to reinforced seams and brass rivets at stress points, these garments last for generations.

But the real game changer with our Iron-Tuff gear is just how warm you’ll stay. These garments are comfort rated down to -50°F so there’s virtually no cold they can’t take. Trusted for decades in freezing warehouses and in icy tundra, Iron-Tuff gear takes warmth to a new level with a powerful insulation and draft sealing designs that keep the heat in and the cold out.

From coats and parkas to vests and bibs, there’s a reason the Iron-Tuff gear is iconic – it does the job so you can do yours. 

Man wearing Cooler Wear working outdoors

Cooler Wear™ Gear

When the job doesn’t let up and the chill starts to creep in, you need gear with a backbone to stave off the cooler temps. That’s where our Cooler Wear™ gear comes in. Lightweight protection that keeps you warm down to 10°F, the Cooler Wear™ line is made with the same heavy-duty construction as our Iron-Tuff gear so it can take a beating.

Long days in the cold can wear down the toughest worker. Lightweight insulation in our Cooler Wear™ garments ensures you’ll stay warm without carrying around the extra bulk that comes from other insulations. 

Man wearing Heritage gear working in the snow

More of Heritage

Protection doesn’t end with quality garments. Complete your cold gear armor with head-to-toe protection with head and face protection, gloves and boots from the Heritage Collection. Keep your head in the game with our warm caps, masks and gaiters – different options for each kind of cold. The gloves in the Heritage Collection range from tough, insulated cowhide leather gloves to wool knit gloves with a silicone palm for extra grip in the cold. Kick the cold with leather work boots, built with VitaComfort so your feet last all shift. 

Don't fall for knockoffs that fall apart - stick with the original cold weather work gear. The Heritage Collection doesn't just honor where RefrigiWear started. It honors the hard work that built America.