Man wearing quilted jacket mowing grass

What’s the best jacket for yardwork?

You can tell a lot about a man by the condition of his yard - lines cut with great precision, shrubs pruned expertly, flowers planted with care. When the wind starts to blow and the temps fall, so do the leaves, destroying his hard (yard) work. Let the symphony of leaf blowers begin!

There’s not much we can do to help with yard maintenance, but we can make the process a little more comfortable. When the wind rages and the temps start to fall, you need extra protection without having to bust out bulky winter coats. These are the best lightweight jackets for yardwork so you can stay comfortable and focus on showing off your impressive lawn skills. 

Lightweight Softshell Jacket with Hood

This lightweight work jacket was designed for heavy-duty jobs. Able to keep you warm in 30-degree weather but not too warm for the mid-60s, this jacket will make yard work seem like less of a chore. Say goodbye to packing up early because of the wind and rain since this baby’s wind-tight and water-repellent. With all the protection you need to keep out the elements, the job’s done when you say it is. Plus, this lightweight softshell jacket provides added comfort with a warm microfleece lining and face-fitting hood so you’re ready to tackle that to-do list. All the warmth of a winter coat, none of the bulk. 

Lightweight Diamond Quilted Puffer Jacket

Make hard work look good. With three layers to keep you toasty between 30 to 60 degrees and a stylish diamond quilted design, you’ll have a jacket that transitions from tough yardwork to guys’ night out. It’s water-repellent and wind-tight so it can hold up pesky drizzles, windy gusts and general “blah” conditions. It’s a given when it comes to yard work but getting dirty isn’t a problem here. This jacket has a tough outershell to withstand rough branches, dirt and grime or heaping wheelbarrows of mulch. 

3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket

Ducks are less prepared for nasty weather than you will be in this 3-in-1 rain jacket. The inner jacket is a warm, diamond quilted jacket that can handle tough conditions on its own. Wear the outer jacket with a roll-up hood for wind and rain protection. Together, these jackets create the ultimate lightweight combo of warmth and protection from the elements, so you don’t have to stop working just because of the weather. 

RefrigiWear® Hoodie

This is no ordinary hoodie. It’s thicker than the average hoodie and made with a soft fleece blend so it keeps you warmer and more comfortable. Throw it on for fast warmth and pull up the hood when your head and ears need protection from the cold or wind. It’s a great kick-around option for when you need to grab a lightweight jacket option off the coat peg for a quick battle against weeds, leaves, grass trimming and all sorts yard invaders. 

When you need a lightweight jacket for yardwork when the temps start to fall, you need gear you can trust season after season. Not sure which jacket works for you? Check our Gear Finder out and see what gear matches your kind of cold.